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—Provenance tracing is a very important approach to Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attack detection and investigation. Existing techniques either suffer from the dependence explosion problem or have non-trivial space and run-time overhead, which hinder their application in practice. We propose ProTracer, a lightweight provenance tracing system that(More)
Audit logging is an important approach to cyber attack investigation. However, traditional audit logging either lacks accuracy or requires expensive and complex binary instrumentation. In this paper, we propose a Windows based audit logging technique that features accuracy and low cost. More importantly, it does not require instrumenting the applications,(More)
Modern software systems are becoming increasingly complex, relying on a lot of third-party library support. Library behaviors are hence an integral part of software behaviors. Analyzing them is as important as analyzing the software itself. However, analyzing libraries is highly challenging due to the lack of source code, implementation in different(More)
Advanced cyber attacks consist of multiple stages aimed at being stealthy and elusive. Such attack patterns leave their footprints spatio-temporally dispersed across <i>many different logs</i> in victim machines. However, existing log-mining intrusion analysis systems typically target only a single type of log to discover evidence of an attack and therefore(More)
Infections caused by pathogens colonization at wound sites in the process of bone healing are considered as one of the major reasons for the failure of guided bone regeneration (GBR). The objective of this study was to prepare a novel asymmetric collagen/chitosan GBR membrane containing minocycline-loaded chitosan nanoparticles. The morphologies of the(More)
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