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A novel high voltage (HV) modulator that offers a short fall time to minimize sputtering effects and allow more precise control of the incident ion fluence in plasma immersion ion implantation is described. The use of 36 insulated-gate bipolar transistors in the 30 kV hard-tube pulser reduces the HV fall time to 3.5 μs, compared to a fall time of 80 μs if a(More)
A novel power supply system that directly couples pulsed high voltage (HV) pulses and pulsed 13.56 MHz radio frequency (rf) has been developed for plasma processes. In this system, the sample holder is connected to both the rf generator and HV modulator. The coupling circuit in the hybrid system is composed of individual matching units, low pass filters,(More)
A radio frequency (rf) inductively coupled plasma apparatus has been developed to simulate the atomic oxygen environment encountered in low Earth orbit (LEO). Basing on the novel design, the apparatus can achieve stable, long lasting operation, pure and high density oxygen plasma beam. Furthermore, the effective atomic oxygen flux can be regulated. The(More)