Shiqian Chen

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To analyze the valuable frequency component for time-varying frequency-modulated (FM) signals, component extraction is necessary in most applications. Considering the advantage of parameterized demodulation (PD) in transforming FM signals to be stationary, a novel component extraction method based on PD and singular value decomposition (PD-SVD) for both(More)
Utilizing Doppler radar to conduct noncontact vital sign detection has attracted growing interest in recent years. Aiming to extract the vital sign information from the baseband signal effectively and accurately, a novel signal processing method based on parameterized demodulation (PD) is proposed. To effectively characterize the baseband signal whose phase(More)
In some applications, it is necessary to analyze multi-component non-stationary signals whose components severely overlap in the time-frequency (T-F) domain. Separating those signal components is desired but very challenging for existing methods. To address this issue, we propose a novel non-parametric algorithm called ridge path regrouping (RPRG) to(More)
A heterodyne temporal speckle pattern interferometer that measures the in-plane displacement dynamically has been built. The object is displaced in its plane continuously and the frequency-modulated output signals with a carrier frequency are recorded by a CCD camera. The displacement information is extracted with wavelet transform technique. Preliminary(More)
We propose a novel method, called chirplet path fusion, to analyze nonstationary signals with time-varying frequencies. As opposed to many existing methods that assume the signal persists throughout the whole time, the proposed method can be applied in cases where the signals are only present in short time frames. A demodulation-operator-based method is(More)
Variational mode decomposition (VMD), a recently introduced method for adaptive data analysis, has aroused much attention in various fields. However, the VMD is formulated based on the assumption of narrow-band property of the signal model. To analyze wide-band nonlinear chirp signals (NCSs), we present an alternative method called variational nonlinear(More)
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