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We in this study adopted “Electric Vehicle Information Terminals and Remote Monitoring System” which is researched and developed independently to collect vehicle's data. We mainly used MATLAB software to statistically analyze the monitored hybrid buses' actual driving data on the road with micro-trip analysis method, and constructed the(More)
—A novel bounding sphere hierarchy is presented to track the potential intersection area of the subdivision surfaces, so the large number of facets should not humble the intersection computation. The compact local patches, which are regular vertex grids, are very helpful to construct and verify the bounding spheres of different levels. Some illustrative(More)
There are massive classic algorithms determining whether points are inside or outside of a polygon, such as Ray Casting, Cross Product Judging and Angle-judging, whereas these algorithms require discussing various kinds of special circumstances, or the determination needs transformation into other algorithms, which are inefficient and unstable. According to(More)
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