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We propose a noniterative solution for the Perspective-n-Point ({\rm P}n{\rm P}) problem, which can robustly retrieve the optimum by solving a seventh order polynomial. The central idea consists of three steps: 1) to divide the reference points into 3-point subsets in order to achieve a series of fourth order polynomials, 2) to compute the sum of the square(More)
This paper presents a novel supposition, One Sense Per N-gram (N>1), which we believe is appropriate for more linguistic phenomena and can serve as a general version instead of the celebrated One Sense Per Collocation supposition, at least in Chinese language. This new supposition is based on our observation of the error detection process of annoted sense(More)
This paper presents a novel feature-based semantic role labeling (SRL) method which uses both constituent and dependency syntactic views. Comparing to the traditional SRL method relying on only one syntactic view, the method has a much richer set of syntactic features. First we select several important constituent-based and dependency based features from(More)
This paper describes the PKU_HIT system on event detection in the SemEval-2010 Task. We construct three modules for the three sub-tasks of this evaluation. For target verb WSD, we build a Naïve Bayesian classifier which uses additional training instances expanded from an untagged Chinese corpus automatically. For sentence SRL and event detection, we use a(More)