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We propose a noniterative solution for the Perspective-n-Point ({\rm P}n{\rm P}) problem, which can robustly retrieve the optimum by solving a seventh order polynomial. The central idea consists of three steps: 1) to divide the reference points into 3-point subsets in order to achieve a series of fourth order polynomials, 2) to compute the sum of the square(More)
This paper presents a novel supposition, One Sense Per N-gram (N>1), which we believe is appropriate for more linguistic phenomena and can serve as a general version instead of the celebrated One Sense Per Collocation supposition, at least in Chinese language. This new supposition is based on our observation of the error detection process of annoted sense(More)
This paper presents our research work on the design and implementation of a new single-motor driven arm manipulator with multiple independent degrees of freedom. The result of this research work is an arm manipulator consisting of several modular units, each of which has two degrees of freedom: one for twisting rotation and one for pivoting rotation. And,(More)
This paper introduces normalized Google distance into the study of word sense disambiguation and presents a novel unsupervised method of word sense disambiguation. The normalized Google distance is a theory of similarity between words and phrases, based on information distance and Kolmogorov complexity by using the world-wide-web as database, with its page(More)