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Seroprevalence and sources of Toxoplasma infection among indigenous and immigrant pregnant women in Taiwan
Investigation on seroprevalence and risk factors of Toxoplasma gondii infections among indigenous and immigrant pregnant women in Mid-Taiwan showed that anti Taxoplasma-specific IgG antibody countsExpand
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Increasing field of view of high frame rate ultrasonic imaging
A high frame rate imaging method has been developed recently based on the theory of limited diffraction beams for medical diagnosis. This method constructs images in a direction normal to theExpand
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Discovery of ∼4.0 Ga detrital zircons in the Changdu Block, North Qiangtang, Tibetan Plateau
Using in situ zircon dating by LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS, detrital zircon of 3981±9 Ma age was found in metamorphic rocks of the Ningduo Rock Group, Changdu Block of Northern Qiangtang. This is theExpand
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Optical X wave communications
This paper presents a new communication system using optical X waves which, in theory, can propagate to an infinite distance without spreading. In practice, when these waves are produced with aExpand
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LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Basic Dikes within Maxianshan Rock Group in the Central Qilian Orogenic Belt and Its Tectonic Implications
ABSTRACT A large number of basic dikes, which indicate an important tectonic-magmatic event in the eastern part of the Central Qilian ( ) orogenic belt, were found from Maxianshan ( ) rock group,Expand
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Doppler Beam Steering for Blood Flow Velocity Vector Imaging
Angle independent blood How velocity vector measurements could be of a great value for the diagnoses of many vascular and cardiac diseases, such as stenotic carotid and coronary lesions. AlthoughExpand
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Single step fabrication of microlens arrays with hybrid HfO2-SiO2 sol-gel glass on conventional lens surface.
We demonstrate a novel method for fabricating glass microlens (arrays) with single step on conventional lens surface. In this method, the glass microlens can be achieved by only one step with sol gelExpand
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Fabrication of varied-line-spacing grating by elastic medium.
We demonstrate a method of fabricating varied-line-spacing grating by employing elastic medium with variable vertical section. The advantages of this technique include continuous variation of lineExpand
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Reducing number of elements of transducer arrays in Fourier image construction method
  • J. Lu, Shiping He
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  • IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. Proceedings (Cat. No…
  • 5 October 1998
In this paper, we study quantitatively the relationship between the quality of images constructed with the Fourier method and the element spacing of array transducers. In the study, two linear arraysExpand
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