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Adaptive Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
We present a novel 2-D wavelet transform scheme of adaptive directional lifting (ADL) in image coding. Instead of alternately applying horizontal and vertical lifting, as in present practice, ADLExpand
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Multimedia Cloud Computing
This article introduces the principal concepts of multimedia cloud computing and presents a novel framework. We address multimedia cloud computing from multimedia-aware cloud (media cloud) andExpand
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Shape-adaptive discrete wavelet transforms for arbitrarily shaped visual object coding
  • Shipeng Li, W. Li
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol.
  • 1 August 2000
This paper presents a shape-adaptive wavelet coding technique for coding arbitrarily shaped still texture. This technique includes shape-adaptive discrete wavelet transforms (SA-DWTs) and extensionsExpand
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A framework for efficient progressive fine granularity scalable video coding
  • Feng Wu, Shipeng Li, Y. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol.
  • 1 March 2001
A basic framework for efficient scalable video coding, namely progressive fine granularity scalable (PFGS) video coding is proposed. Similar to the fine granularity scalable (PGS) video coding inExpand
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A low complexity motion compensated frame interpolation method
In low bit-rate video communication, temporal subsampling is usually used due to limited available bandwidth. Motion compensated frame interpolation (MCFI) techniques are often employed in theExpand
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Distributed Segment Tree: Support of Range Query and Cover Query over DHT
Range query, which is defined as to find all the keys in a certain range over the underlying P2P network, has received a lot of research attentions recently. However, cover query, which is to findExpand
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Complementary hashing for approximate nearest neighbor search
Recently, hashing based Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) techniques have been attracting lots of attention in computer vision. The data-dependent hashing methods, e.g., Spectral Hashing, expectsExpand
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Image Compression With Edge-Based Inpainting
In this paper, image compression utilizing visual redundancy is investigated. Inspired by recent advancements in image inpainting techniques, we propose an image compression framework towards visualExpand
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H.26L-based fine granularity scalable video coding
This paper proposes an efficient scalable coding scheme with fine-grain scalability, where the base layer is encoded with H.26L, and the enhancement layer is encoded with PFGS coding. MotionExpand
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Descriptive visual words and visual phrases for image applications
The Bag-of-visual Words (BoW) image representation has been applied for various problems in the fields of multimedia and computer vision. The basic idea is to represent images as visual documentsExpand
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