Shiow C. Lin

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Currently, graphene is a topic of very active research fields from science to potential applications. For various RF circuit applications, including low-noise amplifiers, the unique ambipolar nature of graphene field-effect-transistors (FETs) can be utilized for high-performance frequency multipliers, mixers and high-speed radio meters. Potential(More)
The sensitivity of a recently reported optical-fiber ring interferometer as a gyroscope has been analyzed. Photomixing SNRs were derived for the detection schemes. Noise sources due to the Rayleigh, Brillouin, Mie, and core-cladding interface light scattering processes are assessed quantitatively. Optimum gyroscope sensitivities are discussed via numerical(More)
Novel concepts for simplification of the optical design of a time-integrating acousto-optical signal processor for real-time Fourier transformation are described. Fourier transforms of both pulsed and continuous signals, obtained from the triangular common-path interferometric setup, are demonstrated. Because of their simplicity, these concepts are suitable(More)
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