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—In this paper, we propose a style translation filter that changes the attribute (style) of the motion coming from the actors' ages, genders, and so on. Using this filter, we can diversify the motions. Specifically, this filter is modeled by the Gaussian process regression that estimates the difference of pose (joint angles) between a neutral motion and the(More)
The present study investigated whether faces capture attention regardless of attentional set. The presentation of a face as a distractor during a visual search has been shown to impair performance relative to when the face was absent, implying that faces automatically attract attention. If attentional control is contingent on the observer's current goal,(More)
The ability to perceptive a uniquely colored target, embedded within a rapid sequence of nontarget letters of homogenous color, is impaired when the target appears during a relatively earlier part of the sequence. This phenomenon, referred to as "attentional awakening," is thought to occur due to the gradual modulation of temporal attention, such that(More)
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