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We present Ballumiere, a novel projection system for the balls moving in the air. Recently projection mapping has attracted much attention. "Shader Lamps" [Raskar et al. 2001] enable to render computer graphics to real objects in three dimensional space using projectors. However, almost all the projection mapping techniques only allow projecting to static(More)
Projections on moving objects have a problem in that the projection may slip because of the delay between tracking and projection. Here, we propose a new prediction method combining a Kalman filter and a three-frame feedback model that switches between these models according to the ball's state of motion. We developed a real-time tracking and projection(More)
Recently, 360-degree panorama and spherical displays have received more and more attention due to their unique panoramic properties. Compared with existing works, we plan to utilize omnidirectional cameras in our spherical display system to enable omnidirectional panoramic image as input and output. In our work, we present a novel movable spherical display(More)
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