Shinyoung Lim

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Shinyoung Lim et al. 61 In this paper, we propose an efficient method for personal identification by analyzing iris patterns that have a high level of stability and distinctiveness. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed system, we present a new approach to making a feature vector compact and efficient by using wavelet transform, and two(More)
A case study of security risk analysis of a wireless body area network for remote health monitoring as a after measure fordeploying security and privacy features is introduced in this paper. The target system has a scalable platform that requires minimum human interaction during setup and monitoring. The core components of the system include: (i)(More)
Mobile operating systems have expanded from running exclusively on smartphones to include tablets and music players as well, making them available to a larger audience. These operating systems are responsible for maintaining a multitude of schedules, messages, calls, music, documents, applications, photos, videos, and other personal data with the goal of(More)