Shinya Takami

Xiao-Fan Jiang1
Sally Kamichi1
Shigeo Ohta1
Ken-Ichiro Katsura1
1Xiao-Fan Jiang
1Sally Kamichi
1Shigeo Ohta
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Excessively released glutamate is neurotoxic. Glutamate transporters maintain the extracellular level of glutamate by uptake into glia or neurons. We examined the role of GLT-1, a glial glutamate transporter, in brain damage resulting from transient focal ischemia in mice. Heterozygous gene deletion of GLT-1 significantly augmented brain swelling resulting(More)
Oxidative stress is known to play a prominent role in the onset and early stage progression of Alzheimer's disease (AD). For example, protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation levels are increased in patients with mild cognitive impairment. Here, we created a double-transgenic mouse model of AD to explore the pathological and behavioral effects of oxidative(More)
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