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A new approach for DC offset cancellation in direct conversion receivers is proposed in this paper. The proposed method is based on AC-coupling. A differential voltage current conveyor (DVCC) with non-unity voltage and current gain factors is used to realize a large-value floating capacitor. The proposed approach using the modified DVCC requires small die(More)
In this paper, gain bandwidth limitations of a regularly processed 0.18 mum Si CMOS FET is investigated over the frequency band of 450 MHz-10 GHz. It is exhibited that 0.18 mum Si CMOS processing technology can safely be utilized to manufacture ultra wideband RF-amplifiers for commercial wireless communication systems placed silicon chips up to X-Band.
This paper proposes a design optimization of staggered amplifier for wide-band applications. The optimization is divided into two simple steps and is independent of circuit topology. It uses the trade-off between power dissipation and area consumption as design constrains. Simulation result using SpectreRF shows that the proposed method gives a good(More)
This paper proposes a quadrature ring oscillator with small phase error. The proposed technique uses two feedback loops. One of the loops calibrates phase error of two outputs while the other keeps the oscillation frequency constant. The power consumption and chip area will be reduced by the proposed technique because an additional variable delay cell is(More)
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