Shinya Sawa

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—An analog circuit for edge detection was proposed based on vertebrate outer retinas. The chip which contained 40 × 40 unit circuits in a two-dimensional array was fabricated with 0.35 µm CMOS process. Edge images were experimentally observed in a brightness range over 3 orders of magnitude. It was clarified by simulation with the simulation program with(More)
An analog integrated circuit for approach detection with simple-shape recognition was proposed and fabricated based on the lower animal vision. It was clarified that the approaching direction and velocity can be detected by using the fabricated chip. Moreover, it was able to recognize the simple shape such as a circle, square, rectangle and triangle.
The dimensions of the brainstem, cerebellum and corpus callosum were measured on magnetic resonance (MR) images with sagittal spin-echo sequence. Eighty-two normal adults (average 49.6 years old) were measured. The mesencephalic, pontine or cerebellar diameters and lengths could be measured more accurately and reproducibly than medullary diameter and(More)
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