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Fifteen strains of anamorphic yeasts isolated from various natural substrates collected in various places in Thailand were found to represent two novel species of anamorphic yeast genus Candida based(More)
Two yeast strains isolated from galleries of ambrosia beetles in Japan and maintained in NITE Biological Resource Center (NBRC) as Pichia pini were found to represent a hitherto undescribed species.(More)
Analysis of D1/D2 large-subunit (LSU) rRNA gene sequences predicted that 17 yeast isolates, mainly from viscous gels (biofilms) taken from the stone chamber interior of the Kitora tumulus in Nara,(More)
A total of 4 strains (DR2-4, DW2-1, DS2-1 and DS3-1) of undescribed ascomycetous yeast, isolated from Nam Nao forest soil, were identified as a novel species in the genus Millerozyma. The D1/D2(More)
Two closely related yeast strains, ST-382 and ST-392, isolated in Thailand showed intermediate relatedness in the DNA-DNA hybridization experiment suggesting that the two strains represent closely(More)