Shinya Matsutomo

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A pilot phase II study of a ifosfamide and vindesine combination of non-small cell lung cancer was conducted in the elderly patients and patients with reduced renal function. The combination consisted of ifosfamide, 2.3 g/m2, on day 1 through 3, and vindesine, 3 mg/m2, on day 1 and 8. Cycles were repeated at 4-week intervals. The dose of ifosfamide and(More)
Diffuse large-cell lymphoma (DLCL) is a neoplasm that is curable with chemotherapy in an appreciable percentage of patients. However, not all patients are cured and the best drug combination and optimal dose intensity have not yet been established. In an attempt to improve complete response rate and survival with minimal toxicity, we devised an alternating(More)
Of 225 patients with a non-small cell lung cancer treated with non-surgical therapeutic modalities, 21 patients (9.3%) survived for two years and more. The performance status and weight loss were important prognostic factors. There was no relation between response to treatment and long-term survival in patients with an adenocarcinoma. All two-year survivors(More)
To develop a novel ablation therapy for human solid cancer, the heating properties of a ferromagnetic carbon steel rod and a prototype Ti-coated needle using this carbon steel rod, were investigated in several high-frequency outputs at 300 kHz. In the former, the heating property was drastically different among the three inclination angles (θ = 0°, 45° and(More)
A 1-month-old girl was admitted because of staphylococcal cellulitis of the buttock and the shoulder, and peripheral agranulocytosis. CBC on admission showed 10,100/microliters of WBC with 1% mature neutrophils, 5% monocytes, 6% eosinophils, 2% basophils and 86% lymphocytes. Bone marrow aspiration revealed maturation arrest of neutrophil precursors at the(More)
A 59-year-old man was admitted in July, 1985 because of generalized lymphadenopathy and hypercalcemia. The biopsy specimen of the left inguinal lymph node showed diffuse large cell lymphoma. He achieved a complete remission (CR) in July, 1986 by CHOP therapy. In January, 1992, he visited the outpatient clinic with splenomegaly, and swelling of the left(More)
In an attempt to assess the effects and toxicity of brief induction chemotherapy plus involved-field irradiation for localized intermediate- and high-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, we conducted a single-arm prospective trial between May 1987 and July 1991. Patients received four cycles of a five-drug chemotherapy regimen consisting of cyclophosphamide,(More)
Title Real Time Simulation Method of Magnetic Field for Visualization System With Augmented Reality Technology Author(s) Matsutomo, Shinya; Mitsufuji, Kenta; Hiasa, Yuta; Noguchi, So Citation IEEE Transactions On Magnetics, 49(5): 1665-1668 Issue Date 2013-05 Doc URL Right © 2013 IEEE. Personal use of this material is(More)
Title Rational Design Optimization Method for Reducing Cost and Improving Performance of Commonalized IPM Motors Author(s) Noguchi, So; Matsutomo, Shinya Citation IEEE transactions on magnetics, 51(3): 7202904 Issue Date 2015-03 Doc URL Right © 2015 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. Permission from IEEE must(More)