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BACKGROUND Principles and methods for the allocation of healthcare resources among healthcare providers have long been health policy research issues in many countries. Healthcare reforms including the development of a new case-mix system, Diagnosis Procedure Combination (DPC), and the introduction of a DPC-based payment system are currently underway in(More)
By the introduction of a public, mandatory program of Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) on April 1, 2000, Japan has moved towards a system of social care for the frail and elderly. The program covers care that is both home-based and institutional. Fifty percent of the insurance is financed from the general tax and the other fifty percent from the premiums of(More)
Adhesive small bowel obstruction (ASBO) is an adverse consequence of abdominal surgery. Although the Kampo medicine Dai-kenchu-to is widely used in Japan for treatment of postoperative ASBO, rigorous clinical studies for its use have not been performed. In the present retrospective observational study using the Japanese diagnosis procedure combination(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effects of professional staffing on cancer surgical outcomes. The present study aimed to investigate the association between cancer surgical outcomes and physician/nurse staffing in relation to hospital volume. METHODS We analyzed 131,394 patients undergoing lung lobectomy, esophagectomy, gastrectomy, colorectal(More)
OBJECTIVE In-hospital mortality is an important performance measure for quality improvement, although it requires proper risk adjustment. We set out to develop in-hospital mortality prediction models for acute hospitalization using a nation-wide electronic administrative record system in Japan. METHODS Administrative records of 224,207 patients (patients(More)
BACKGROUND The epidemiology of intussusception, including its incidence, can vary between different countries. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemiology of childhood intussusception in Japan using data from a nationwide inpatient database. METHODS We screened the database for eligible cases ≤ 18 years of age, who were coded with a discharge(More)
BACKGROUND We used disability-adjusted life years (DALY) to estimate the cancer burden in Japan for the year 2000. METHODS We estimated years of life lost (YLL) by using mortality data and years lived with disability (YLD) by using incidence data. The DALY for cancer was calculated as the sum of YLL and YLD. RESULTS For all cancers combined, 2 733 884(More)
BACKGROUND The effectiveness of comprehensive stroke center (CSC) capabilities on stroke mortality remains uncertain. We performed a nationwide study to examine whether CSC capabilities influenced in-hospital mortality of patients with ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. METHODS AND RESULTS Of the 1,369 certified training institutions in Japan, 749 hospitals(More)
INTRODUCTION Although continuous regional arterial infusion (CRAI) of a protease inhibitor and an antibiotic may be effective in patients with severe acute pancreatitis, CRAI has not yet been validated in large patient populations. We therefore evaluated the effectiveness of CRAI based on data from a national administrative database covering 1,032 Japanese(More)
A variety of extracellular factors regulate morphogenesis during development. However, coordination between extracellular signaling and dynamic morphogenesis is largely unexplored. We address the fundamental question by studying posterior crossvein (PCV) development in Drosophila as a model, in which long-range BMP transport from the longitudinal veins(More)