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A spoken dialogue system of information retrieval on academic documents has been developed with a special attention to reply speech generation. In order to realize speech reply with its prosodic features properly controlled to express dialogue focuses, a scheme was developed to directly generating speech reply from reply content. When developing the system(More)
An efficient search function based on topic estimation was integrated to our spoken dialogue system for academic document information retrieval. The following two points were mainly studied: 1) to properly categorize documents (to be retrieved) into related topics, and 2) to facilitate retrieval process using topic knowledge. For the first point, a method(More)
This paper presents an intelligent system for information retrieval based on human-machine dialogue through spoken language with novel features such as use of key concepts, unknown word processing, dialogue management through user and system modeling, and automatic acquisition of knowledge to adapt the system to individual users. It then describes an(More)
A spoken dialogue system was developed for the literature retrieval, and discussions were conducted mainly from the viewpoints of speech reply generation. The system was designed taking the following three points into consideration: appropriate amount of information included in a sentence, appropriate guidance from the system to users, and(More)
We have developed a method for multimodal observation of infant development. In order to analyze development of problem solving skills by observing scenes of task achievement or communication with others, we have introduced a method for extracting detailed behavioral features expressed by gestures or eyes. We have realized an environment for recording(More)
A prosodic labeling support system has been developed. Large-scale prosodic databases are strongly desired for years, however, the construction of databases depend on hand labeling , because of the variety of prosody. We aim at not automating the whole labeling process, but making the hand labeling work more efficient by providing the labelers with the(More)