Shinya Kajiyama

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This paper describes for the first time the observation of the threshold voltage (Vth) fluctuation due to random telegraph signal (RTS) in flash memory. We acquired large-scale data of Vth fluctuation and confirm the existence of the tail bits generated by RTS. The amount of Vth broadening due to the tail bits becomes larger as the scaling advances, and(More)
Threshold-voltage (Vth) fluctuation due to random telegraph signal (RTS) in flash memory was observed for the first time. A large amount of data of Vth fluctuation was acquired by using a 90-nm-node memory array, and it was confirmed that a few memory cells have large RTS fluctuation exceeding 0.2 V. It was found that program-and-erase cycles increase Vth(More)
A diagnostic ultrasound (US) system transmits acoustic waves at several to tens of MHz into the human body for clinical purposes and detects the reflected waves to observe the internal organs without having a medical operation or radiation exposure. The system is composed of a main unit and probe connected via coaxial cables. The probe is very small because(More)
We propose a novel 300 MHz embedded flash memory for dual-core microcontrollers targeting shared ROM architecture. One of the features is a three-stage pipeline read operation, which enables reduced access pitch and therefore reduced performance penalty due to shared ROM access conflict. The second feature is a highly sensitive sense amplifier that achieves(More)
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