Shinya Inoue

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The zebrafish adult pigment pattern has emerged as a useful model for understanding the development and evolution of adult form as well as pattern-forming mechanisms more generally. In this species, a series of horizontal melanophore stripes arises during the larval-to-adult transformation, but the genetic and cellular bases for stripe formation remain(More)
The horseshoe crab Tachypleus tridentatus is critically endangered in Japan due to rapidly decreasing numbers resulting from the loss of tidal flats and sandy beaches, and the deterioration of coastal environments. We monitored the year-round migratory patterns and residency of this species in a coastal embayment at Tsuyazaki, Japan, using acoustic(More)
Ammonite shells have complex patterns of suture lines that vary across species. The lines are formed at the intersection of the outer shell wall and the septa. The wavy septa can form if the rear mantle of the ammonite, which functions as the template, has a complex shape. Previous hypotheses assumed that the rear mantle is like a flexible membrane that can(More)
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