Shinya Iida

Isao Teramoto1
Sachi Okabayashi1
1Isao Teramoto
1Sachi Okabayashi
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Quantitative and mechanism-based information on differences in transfection efficiency between viral and non-viral vectors would be highly useful for improving the effectiveness of non-viral vectors. A previous quantitative comparison of intracellular trafficking between adenovirus and LipofectAMINE PLUS (LFN) revealed that the three orders of magnitude(More)
Human pinworms, Enterobius vermicularis, are normally recognized as minor pathogens. However, a fatal case of human pinworm infection has been reported in a nonhuman primate, a zoo reared chimpanzee. Here, we histopathologically examined the lesions in tissues from the deceased chimpanzee and genetically characterized the isolated worms to investigate the(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate the sensitivity of computer-aided detection (CAD) with full-field digital mammography in detection of breast cancer, based on mammographic appearance and histopathology. Retrospectively, CAD sensitivity was assessed in total group of 152 cases for subgroups based on breast density, mammographic presentation, lesion size,(More)
This paper concerns moral development in the framework of cognitive modeling. Traditionally, moral development researches have been conducted, mostly discussing different level of development among subjects of different ages and their developmental tendencies and orders. This methodology works well in finding the ratio of subjects in each level at the time(More)
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