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AnSTI?ACT I'llis paper olll.lincs the system soflware of a parallel re-I:ll.iollaI dnl.nhase machine GRACE. and describes its execu-l.inn and conlrol of rclnl.ional operalions based. on the data .s/rnom o~i.enlnrl processing. The system software is organized in a hicrnrchy. and the execulion of a relalional operation and il.s opcmnd tlnl.;~ are encapsulated(More)
ABSIRACT This paper proposes the multldlmenslonal cluster lng technique called GKD-tree method which IS fully adaptive to both of tuple and query dlstrlbutlons The method 1s bdsed on the theoretical analysis of the performance of multldlmensional clustermg Its algorithm and perIormance are described It IS shown that GKD tree method can largely reduce the(More)
This paper outlines the overall architecture of a query processor for relational queries and describes the design and control of its major processing modules. The query processor consists of only four processing modules and a number of random-access memory modules. Each processing module processes tuples of relations in a bit-serial, tuple-parallel manner(More)
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