Shinya Fujihara

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Isolation of cordycepin from the culture broth of Cordyceps militaris mutant was investigated. Based on the solubility curve, three crystallizing processes, temperature shift (process I), pH shift (process II), and pH shift followed by temperature shift (process III) were carried out. Process III was the most promising method regarding both purity and yield.
Cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine) is one of the most versatile metabolites of Cordyceps militaris due to its broad spectrum of biological activity. In our previous study, the C. militaris mutant G81-3, which produces higher levels of cordycepin, was obtained by high-energy proton beam irradiation. In this study, the effects of adenosine on cordycepin(More)
Several methods for ontology development have been proposed. However, the development of domain ontologies is still carried out in an ad-hoc manner. This paper explores the use of a microgenetic algorithm with a seeding scheme based on hierarchical clustering for ontology class hierarchy construction. The microgenetic algorithm (μGA) is composed of an inner(More)
Cordycepin (3′-deoxyadenosine) exhibits antimicrobial, anticancer, antimetastatic, immunomodulatory and insecticidal effects, and is one of the most important bioactive anticancer agents found in Cordyceps species (summer grass-winter worm). However, due to the requirements of specific hosts and strict growth environments, Cordyceps militaris is very scarce(More)
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