Shinya Amino

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The re-addition of phosphate to tobacco BY-2 cells deprived of phosphate for 3 d induced cells to semi-synchronously re-enter the cell cycle from a static state. Though the addition of auxin to auxin-starved tobacco BY-2 cells also induced cell division (Ishida et al. 1993), some major differences were observed between these two systems. BY-2 cells lost the(More)
The concept of orthodontic tooth movement is based on the hypothesis that teeth move as a result of the biological response of periodontal tissues to the mechanical forces applied. There is a widely held hypothesis that mechanical stress generates an electrical signal which sets in motion the subsequent events, as in bone exposed to mechanical forces(More)
Neurotrophins play important roles in the differentiation and survival of neurons during development, and in the regulation of synaptic transmission in adult brain. Brief treatment with nerve growth factor (NGF) enhances depolarization and ionomycin-induced dopamine and acetylcholine release from PC12 cells. The enhancing effect appears very quickly and(More)
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