Shinya Abe

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Influence of manufacturing variability on circuit performance has been increasing because of finer manufacturing process and lowered supply voltage. In this paper, we focus on mesh-style clock distribution which is believed to be effective for reducing clock skew, and we evaluate clock skew considering manufacturing and design variabil-ities. Considering(More)
SUMMARY Clock driver suffers from delay variation due to manufacturing and environmental variabilities as well as combinational cells. The delay variation causes clock skew and jitter, and varies both setup and hold timing margins. This paper presents a timing verification method that takes into consideration delay variation inside a clock network due to(More)
This paper presents a self-compensation scheme of manufacturing variability for clock skew reduction. In the proposed scheme, a CDN with embedded variability sensors tunes variable clock drivers for canceling the clock skew induced by manufacturing variability. We apply the proposed scheme for a mesh-style CDN in a 65nm technology and evaluate the deskewing(More)
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