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Atropisomerism observed in indometacin derivatives.
The stereochemistry around the N-benzoylated indole moiety of indometacin was studied and resolution of stable atropisomers as representative conformations was found to be possible by restricting rotation about the N -C7' and/or C7'-C1' bond. Expand
Stereoselective synthesis of cis-2,5-disubstituted THFs: application to adjacent bis-THF cores of Annonaceous acetogenins.
N-Iodosuccinimide (NIS) effectively worked as an activator of the double bonds in the substrates and the silyl enol ether to produce cis-2,5-disubstituted tetrahydrofurans in one pot via siloxy intermediates. Expand
A complete gear system in N-benzoyl-carbazole derivatives.
Conformational analysis clarified the preference for the gear system over other internal conversion pathways and complete geared rotation without slippage at 37 °C for 7 days was observed. Expand
Conformation and atropisomeric properties of indometacin derivatives.
Conformational analysis in NMR studies and X-ray crystallography, and CD spectra in combination with calculations were utilized to elucidate the bioactive conformations. Expand
Asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-stenine and 9a-epi-stenine.
The results of this effort demonstrate the applicability of the chiral auxiliary based strategy to the preparation of naturally occurring alkaloids that contain highly functionalized cyclohexane cores. Expand
Isolation of Atropisomers of N-Benzoylated Pyrroles and Imidazoles
The stereochemistry of N-benzoylated pyrroles and imidazoles was studied. 2′,6′-Disubstituted 1-benzoypyrroles and 1-benzoylimidazoles were shown to have an atropisomeric property and their stableExpand
Freezing the Butterfly Motion of Carbamazepine Derivatives
Atropisomeric properties were found in carbamazepine derivatives. The atropisomers of N-acyl and N-thiocarbamoyl derivatives of carbamazepine were isolated, with high stereochemical stability. It hasExpand
Stereochemical properties of N-benzoylated carbazole derivatives
Abstract The atropisomeric properties of 2′,6′-disubstituted N-benzoylated carbazole derivatives were investigated. It was found that the bulky t-butyl and iodo groups restricted rotation about theExpand
[Development of a therapeutic agent for Menkes disease: solubilization of a copper-disulfiram complex].
It was found that addition of β-cyclodextrin (β- CyD) increased the solubility of Cu-DSF, and the modified β-CyD, hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodesxtrin, was yet more effective as a solubilizing agent. Expand
Crystallization-induced diastereomeric transformation of N-2'-t-butyl-6'-iodobenzoyl-3-bromocarbazole.
A unique crystallization-induced diastereomeric transformation found in 2-benzoyl-3-bromocarbazole is reported, which clarified the preference for the trans versus cis isomer. Expand