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In this paper, we propose SAVe, a real-time stream authentication scheme for video streams. Each packet in the stream is authenticated to correspond to packet loss seen in UDP-based streaming. Since temporal and spatial compression techniques are adopted for video stream encoding, there are differences in the importance and dependencies between frames.(More)
We propose a streaming authentication scheme for the use over the IP telephony. To clear the strict real-time transmission requirements of the IP telephony, the latency and interval between signatures are adjusted dynamically according to the transmission quality of the network. This provides efficient signing and continuous authentication during real-time(More)
In this paper we propose a novel worm detection method that can detect silent worms in intranet. Most existing detection methods use aggressive activities of worms as a clue for detection and are ineffective against worms that propagate silently using a list of vulnerable hosts. To detect such worms, we propose anomaly connection tree method (ACTM). ACTM(More)
In this paper, we focus on forwarding obstruction attacks in structured overlay networks, and evaluate the impacts of the attacks through computer simulations, and finally propose countermeasures. One countermeasure is duplicating the network, and we show the improvement in the successful search rate. Also by examining the network in biased forwarding(More)
Alpha-globin genes in crab-eating macaques'were found to be triplicated at high frequencies according to restriction-enzyme comparisons. The frequencies of tripli-cated a-globin genes in macaques originally from Malaysia and Indonesia were 0.432 and 0.275, respectively, while no triplication was found in individuals from either the Philippines or northern(More)
DNA fingerprints were studied in non-human primates including three species of Old World monkeys and one species of hominoid, using tandem repeats of a 28-base-pair sequence downstream of the human c-Ha-ras-1 oncogene as a probe. We observed Southern hybridization patterns consisting of multiple hypervariable DNA fragments, which were specific to each of(More)
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