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VFIVE is a scientific visualization application for CAVE-type immersive virtual reality systems. The source codes are freely available. VFIVE is used as a research tool in various VR systems. It also lays the groundwork for developments of new visualization software for CAVEs. In this paper, we pick up five CAVE systems in four different institutions in(More)
351 Chapter 6 Collaboration Projects One of the effective visualization methods, fly-through visualization, has been discussed in this report. A fly-through method is realized by determining viewer's camera parameters at each animation step and drawing a flight path of the camera. A large-scale data visualization software, MovieMaker, developed in ESC did(More)
We have developed a very simple method to represent cloud realistically with the aid of Google Earth. Two physical quantities computed in the atmospheric simulation model are utilized for the method. Figure 1 shows the display results of applying the proposed method. In this method, the downward shortwave radiation is used for determining the color of(More)
Summarization of multi-party conversation is one of the important tasks in natural language processing. In this paper, we explain a Japanese corpus and a topic segmentation task. To the best of our knowledge, the corpus is the first Japanese corpus annotated for summarization tasks and freely available to anyone. We call it " the Kyutech corpus. " The task(More)
3 O cean surface temperatures and wind speeds tend to vary together across ocean basins away from tropical regions. Typically, stronger surface winds are seen over cooler and weaker winds over warmer water, because strong winds cool the ocean surface by evaporation and by stirring up cold subsurface water. But is this always the case? Aside from warm(More)
We proposed an improved evaluation method of depth accuracy in the virtual world, and discuss a result of this evaluation. In this evaluation, we focused the disorder of the convergence and the accommodation, and used a subjective assessment method applying moving stimulus images and quantitatively observed effects involving the disorder of the convergence(More)
With the tremendous development of remote sensing technologies, a large amount of observation data are generated from sensors. Since each sensor generates data periodically, e.g., every minute, a concurrent data processing using a cloud system plays an important role in the modern design process. This paper focuses on concurrent data processing techniques(More)
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