Shinsuke Nara

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A computing anticipatory system must have the ability to make decision about its next action. To design and develop various computing anticipatory systems effectively , it is desirable to find a general methodology for decision making in computing anticipatory systems. This paper presents a deontic relevant logic approach to reasoning about actions in(More)
Epistemic Programming has been proposed as a new programming paradigm for scientists to program their epistemic processes in scientific discovery. As the first step to construct an epistemic programming environment, this paper proposes the first epistemic programming language, named 'EPLAS'. The paper analyzes the requirements of an epistemic programming(More)
Automated forward deduction engines for discovery and prediction must get valid conclusions in acceptable time, because the system that cannot satisfy the requirements of validity of conclusions and acceptability of time is useless at all in pragmatic applications. However, any forward deduction process is essentially an inefficient process, because it has(More)
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