Shinsuke Nakai

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We have identified the feed offered to native pigs in a case study of smallholder in northern Thailand. We examined the types and fresh weights of pig feed over two 10-day periods in household A, in September 2006 (rainy season) and in December 2006 and January 2007 (dry season). The study results are as follows. (1) They offered 18 types of feed in total(More)
Implant surfaces must sometimes be modified to form strong bonds to host tissues. The method of depositing an anatase layer on chemically pure titanium by chemical oxidation with H(2)O(2) and subsequent calcination (CHT) is known to deposit apatite under physiological conditions; it thus exhibits bone-bonding ability. UV irradiation should affect the(More)
We described the reproductive performance of native pigs raised by smallholders in a traditional way and used for ritual sacrifice in a Hmong village in the hills of northern Thailand. Field study was conducted between May 2005 and January 2007 (13 months in total). The pig reproductive performance in ten households during two years (January 2005 to(More)
Based on the conceptual design of Laser Driven IFE Power Plant, the technical and physical issues have been examined. R&D on key issues that affect the feasibility of power plant have been proceeded taking into account the collaboration in the field of laser driver, fuel pellet, reaction chamber and system design. It is concluded that the technical(More)
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