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Small dipeptide-based HIV protease inhibitors containing the hydroxymethylcarbonyl isostere as an ideal transition-state mimic.
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) codes for an aspartic protease known to be essential for retroviral maturation and replication. HIV protease is formed from two identical 99 amino acidExpand
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An efficient route for the synthesis of methyl (−)-1,4a-dimethyl-5-oxodecahydronaphthalene-1-carboxylate by using baker’s yeast-catalyzed asymmetric reduction
Abstract Methyl (−)-1,4a-dimethyl-5-oxodecahydronaphthalene-1-carboxylate 1 , a key synthetic intermediate for the synthesis of terpenoids, was efficiently synthesized by using a baker’sExpand
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Inversion of diastereoselectivity depending on substrate concentration in baker's yeast catalyzed reduction of σ-symmetrical 1,3-cyclopentadiones and 1,3-cyclohexadiones
Inversion of diastereoselectivity caused by a change in substrate concentration was first observed in baker's yeast catalyzed reduction of cr-symmetrical 2,2-dialkylated cyclopentan-1,3-diones 1,2Expand
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Nouveau dérivé de nicotinamide ou sel de celui-ci
L'invention concerne un compose et une composition pharmaceutique presentant une excellente activite inhibitrice de la Syk. Selon l'invention, on utilise un derive de nicotinamide represente par laExpand
Asymmetric synthesis of methyl (-)-13-oxo-15,16-dinorlabda-8(17),11E-dien-19-oate, methyl ester of a potent suppressor toward carcinogenic promotor.
Asymmetric synthesis of methyl ester (4) of (-)-13-oxo-15,16-dinorlabda-8(17),11E-dien-19-oic acid (1), which exhibited the most potent activity for the prevention of incipient carcinogenesis amongExpand
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Hydroxamic Acid-Piperidine Conjugate is an Activated Catalyst for Lysine Acetylation under Physiological Conditions.
Lysine acylation of proteins is an essential chemical reaction for posttranslational modification and as a means of protein modification in various applications. N,N -Dimethyl-4-aminopyridine (DMAP)Expand
Nicotinamide derivative or salt thereof as syk-inhibitors
Provided are compounds having excellent Syk-inhibitory activity and pharmaceutical compositions. Specifically provided are: nicotinamide derivatives represented by general formula (I) or saltsExpand