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Quality of Service (QoS) can be used to select desired services from among those offering the equivalent function. In language services such as machine translation, one of the QoS metrics is translation accuracy. However, the problems are that evaluating the translation accuracy is too expensive, that the translation accuracy varies with the difficulty of(More)
The recent popularity of machine translation has increased the demand for the evaluation of translations. However, the traditional evaluation approach, manual checking by a bilingual professional, is too expensive and too slow. In this study, we confirm the feasibility of crowdsourcing by analyzing the accuracy of crowdsourcing translation evaluations. We(More)
BACKGROUND The association between cumulative metabolic syndrome (MS) factors and knee osteoarthritis (KOA) has been highlighted over the past two decades. AIMS To clarify the relationship between cumulative MS factors and symptomatic KOA. METHODS A cross-sectional survey involving 119 women aged 45-88 years who were scheduled to undergo knee surgery(More)
The advantages and disadvantages of different crowdsourc-ing workflow structures have been analyzed. Existing studies on crowdsourcing workflow mainly focused on the quality control of the tasks using iterative and parallel processes. On the other hand, the characteristics of workflow considering the various task and crowdsourcing environments are not yet(More)
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