Shinpei Ogawa

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Three-dimensional (3D) photonic crystals containing artificial point defects have been fabricated to emit light at optical communications wavelengths. They were constructed by stacking 0.7-micrometer-period gallium arsenide striped layers, resulting in a 3D "woodpile" photonic crystal. Indium-gallium arsenide-phosphide quantum-well layers emitting at a(More)
We report a magnetic resonance imaging technique that directly measures motion of cochlear fluids. It uses oscillating magnetic field gradients phase-locked to an external stimulus to selectively visualize and quantify oscillatory fluid motion. It is not invasive, and it does not require optical line-of-sight access to the inner ear. It permits the(More)
There is now a great deal of physical and chemical evidence that horse and human hemoglobins undergo a change of protein conformation on oxygenation.' 9 The molecular mechanism whereby these hemoglobins show cooperative or sigmoidal oxygen binding has remained obscure, however. In order to understand this "heme-heme" interaction, one must obtain structural(More)
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