Shinpei Kawarai

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Bifidobacterium aesculapii DSM 26737(T) was isolated from feces of baby common marmoset. Here, we report the draft genome sequence of this organism. This paper is the first published report of the genomic sequence of B. aesculapii.
In this report, we describe a case of lipomatosis in the left parotid gland of an eight-year-old female Shetland sheepdog and review the relevant literature. Preoperative diagnosis of lipomatosis with Tru-Cut biopsy presented difficulties in this case. The postoperative diagnosis was based on the gross appearance of a non-infiltrative, circumscribed swollen(More)
Glaucoma is a degenerative optic neuropathy that is associated with elevated intraocular pressure. Primary open angle glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma in canines, and its highest incidence among dog breeds has been reported in Shiba-Inus, followed by Shih-Tzus. These breeds are known to have an abnormal iridocorneal angle and dysplastic(More)
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