Shinobu Noritake

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  • Y Ebie, T Kondo, +5 authors K Xu
  • 2008
Decentralized advanced wastewater treatment using adsorption and desorption process for recovery and recycling oriented phosphorus removal was developed. Adsorbent particles made of zirconium were set in a column, and it was installed as subsequent stage of BOD and nitrogen removal type Johkasou, a household domestic wastewater treatment facility. The water(More)
Anatomically corrected malposition of the great arteries (ACM) is an extremely uncommon cardiac disease in which the great arteries arise from their appropriate ventricles despite abnormal spatial interrelations. Two patients with this malformation underwent successful surgical intervention for their associated anomalies. One was of situs solitus, d-loop(More)
Bronchial asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways. The Sec14l3 gene, encoding a 45-kDa secretory protein, is specifically expressed in airway epithelium. Here, we report on the kinetics of Sec14l3 expression following allergic inflammation of the lung. Brown Norway rats were sensitized by intraperitoneal injection of ovalbumin, followed by(More)
Airway epithelium is a key component for airway integrity. Previously, we found that expression of the Sec14l3 gene that encodes a 45-kDa secretory protein is inversely associated with the progression of experimentally induced airway inflammation and degeneration/necrosis of alveolar epithelium. In this report, using in situ hybridization we demonstrated(More)
Brown Norway (BN) rats have been found to develop granulomatous pneumonia with high spontaneous incidence under normal husbandry conditions. In our laboratory, ambient particles from the animal housing environment were suspected to be involved in the pathogenesis of these pulmonary lesions. In the present study, we correlated the histopathology of(More)
Cystic degenerative disease of the brachial artery, which caused acute and total occlusion of the artery was encountered in a 51 years old male patient. At the exploration of the brachial artery at the lower border of the axilla, an anatomical variation, high division of the superficial brachial artery, was observed. At the bifurcation of the artery, a (More)
Serotoninergic raphe-spinal motor neuron projections exhibit wide species differences in both innervation pattern and coexistence of serotonin and substance P. The coexistence ratios vary widely ranging from more than 80% (rat) to less than 1% (chick). Serotonin and substance P positive fibers are also unevenly distributed in the ventral horn of different(More)
In the surgical treatment of patients with primary aldosteronism, differentiation of idiopathic hyperaldosteronism due to bilateral adrenal hyperplasia should be kept in mind. Controversies exist, on the other hand, concerning the diagnosis and management of multiple nodular hyperplasia which often coxists with adrenal adenoma. We studied correlations(More)