Shinobu Itoh

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Parallel measurements of the thermodynamics (free-energy, enthalpy, entropy and heat-capacity changes) of ligand binding to FK506 binding protein (FKBP-12) in H2O and D2O have been performed in an effort to probe the energetic contributions of single protein-ligand hydrogen bonds formed in the binding reactions. Changing tyrosine-82 to phenylalanine in(More)
The scavenging reaction of 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl radical (DPPH.) or galvinoxyl radical (GO.) by a vitamin E model, 2,2,5,7,8-pentamethylchroman-6-ol (1H), was significantly accelerated by the presence of Mg(ClO4)2 in de-aerated methanol (MeOH). Such an acceleration indicates that the radical-scavenging reaction of 1H in MeOH proceeds via an electron(More)
The pro form of recombinant tyrosinase from Aspergillus oryzae (melB) shows no catalytic activity, but acid treatment (around pH 3.5) of protyrosinase activates it to induce tyrosinase activity. Circular dichroism spectra, gel filtration analysis, and colorimetric assay have indicated that acid treatment around pH 3.5 induced the disruption of the(More)
The effects of pH on the increase of fluorescence yield measured in the microsecond range, and on the microsecond delayed fluorescence have been studied in dark adapted chloroplasts as a function of flash number. (1) At pH 7, the amplitude of the fast-phase of the microsecond fluorescence yield rise oscillated as a function of flash number with period 4 and(More)
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