Shino Ohira

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All-optical switching applications require materials with large third-order nonlinearities and low nonlinear optical losses. We present a design approach that involves enhancing the real part of the third-order polarizability (gamma) of cyanine-like molecules through incorporation of polarizable chalcogen atoms into terminal groups, while controlling the(More)
A chromophore in which zinc porphyrin donors are linked through their meso positions by ethynyl bridges to a bis(indolinylidenemethyl) squaraine core has been synthesized using Sonogashira coupling. The chromophore exhibits a two-photon absorption spectrum characterized by a peak cross section of 11,000 GM and, more unusually, also exhibits a large cross(More)
We present a technique in which small solute nonlinearities may be extracted from large solvent signals by performing simultaneous Z-scans on two samples (solvent and solution). By using a dual-arm Z-scan apparatus with identical arms, fitting error in determining the solute nonlinearity is reduced because the irradiance fluctuations are correlated for both(More)
We report the synthesis, electrochemistry, and photophysical properties of a new donor-acceptor-donor molecule in which the meso carbon atoms of two zinc porphyrin (POR) units are linked through ethynylene bridges to the 1,7-positions of a central perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide) (PDI). In contrast to previously studied systems incorporating POR and PDI(More)
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