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All-optical switching applications require materials with large third-order nonlinearities and low nonlinear optical losses. We present a design approach that involves enhancing the real part of the third-order polarizability (gamma) of cyanine-like molecules through incorporation of polarizable chalcogen atoms into terminal groups, while controlling the(More)
A chromophore in which zinc porphyrin donors are linked through their meso positions by ethynyl bridges to a bis(indolinylidenemethyl) squaraine core has been synthesized using Sonogashira coupling. The chromophore exhibits a two-photon absorption spectrum characterized by a peak cross section of 11,000 GM and, more unusually, also exhibits a large cross(More)
We report the synthesis, electrochemistry, and photophysical properties of a new donor-acceptor-donor molecule in which the meso carbon atoms of two zinc porphyrin (POR) units are linked through ethynylene bridges to the 1,7-positions of a central perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide) (PDI). In contrast to previously studied systems incorporating POR and PDI(More)
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