Shinnosuke Tanaka

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The start of chemotherapy treatment usually requires a delay of about 4 weeks after surgical resection in patients with primary colorectal cancer and synchronous distant metastasis. However, there is no evidence to indicate the required length of this delay interval. In addition, there is a chance that a patient may die because postoperative chemotherapy(More)
The title bromide salt, [Cr{CO(NH2)2}6](Cr2O7)Br·H2O, is isotypic to the corresponding chloride salt. Within the complex cation, the Cr(III) atom is coordinated by six O atoms of six urea ligands, displaying a slightly distorted octa-hedral coordination environment. The Cr-O bond lengths involving the urea ligands are in the range 1.9534 (13)-1.9776 (12) Å.(More)
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