Shinkuro Honda

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i " ABSTRACT ' 'c' ,. In t&s paper, we describe a system +at provides a " w&k-at-home " environment based on a &tual shared room built ,on " a 3D graphics w&k$ation. We realize 'chwareness Space " o,n' the system to avoid a tradeoff bet\veen' 'providing facility of informal comniunication and keeping one's workSpace from &hers: ,a-ware'ness information.(More)
In-home PLC (power line communication) is one of the most attractive in-home networkings. However, there are a lot of technical issues for the realization of PLC with high rate and high reliability. These issues include the influence of frequency selective and linear periodically time-variant (LPTV) channel synchronized with commercial power supply. In(More)
In this paper, we propose the virtual ofice environment which integrates the natural communication and the secure private space. The features of this system are described below. 1) This system has virtual shared room which is based on the idea of 9hared Room Metaphor ". 30 graphics on SGI workstation is used-for this system. It uses Eth-emet(TCP/IP) for(More)
We study a networking architecture model that is built on a distributed processing environment (DPE) for multimedia services suitable for high speed transport networks such as ATM networks. In this architecture, the applications are deployed as units of software building blocks. Each building block provides a layered view for the effective management and(More)
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