Shinkichi Sugimori

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Two studies examined self-appraisals in Japanese and Canadian samples. Study 1 included open-ended self-descriptions; Study 2 incorporated indirect measures of self-enhancing tendencies. In Study 1, the content analysis assessed spontaneous evaluations of self and others, private and relational self-statements, reflected appraisals, temporal and social(More)
The experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of smiling expression on cognitive and emotional processes during the introduction of negative mood and cognition by self-focused attention. The mechanisms underlying such effects were also examined, with reference to Interacting Cognitive Subsystems framework (Teasdale & Barnard, 1993). We induced the(More)
  • S Sugimori
  • 1993
This study tested the hypothesis that undesirable members are salient in a small group, while desirable members become salient in a larger group. One hundred and forty-five students were randomly assigned to twelve conditions, and read sentences desirably, undesirably, or neutrally describing each member of a college student club. The twelve clubs had one(More)
This experiment tested the hypothesis that the larger the size of aircraft accidents, the more overestimated the frequency of the accidents, as well as their associated risk. Ten descriptions of fatal accidents in which everyone died, and 30 of non-fatal ones in which several were injured, some seriously, were used as experimental stimuli. The independent(More)
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