Shinjiro Wada

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A new type of Authoring System NeGAS for 3DCG animation is developed in which a user can easily manipulate three dimensional objects in 3DCG space on the computer. This system is described using an object oriented three dimensional Logo language called o3logo developed by us. The user can manipulate objects comfortably with the help of the turtle metaphor(More)
A spatial training game for three-dimensional molding arts has been developed. This paper described about experiments and the result to evaluate the training game with micro-cognitive operation approach. The result suggests effectivity of this type of training game on three-dimensional molding arts.
The video game player have highly concentration on the play. The monitoring system of game player's physiological indexes have been developed. The recorded data is analyzed the relationship between physiological index and concentration level. The analysis will be useful to evaluate objectively the game on development process.
Highly interactive educational contents using games are widely used, and objective evaluation of these real-time is required. In order to do this, we recorded brain waves under several interactive tasks and game situations in subjects and tried to analyze them. As a result, we focused on the proportion of beta wave components, which suggested the(More)
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