Shinji Totoki

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Degradation of methyl mercury (MeHg) and ethyl Hg (EtHg) with oxygen free radicals was studied in vitro by using three well-known hydroxyl radical (•OH)-producing systems, namely Cu2+-ascorbate, xanthine oxidase (XOD)-hypoxanthine (HPX)-Fe(III)EDTA and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-ultraviolet light B. For this purpose, the direct determination method for(More)
In connection with the dealkylation of methyl mercury (MeHg) and ethyl Hg (EtHg) with reactive oxygen-producing systems, we examined the ability of phagocytic cells to degrade MeHg or EtHg into inorganic mercury in vitro by collecting them from blood or peritoneal cavity of several species of animal. EtHg was readily degraded by human polymorphonuclear(More)
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