Shinji Sato

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We have developed an AFLP-based gene expression profiling method called 'high coverage expression profiling' (HiCEP) analysis. By making improvements to the selective PCR technique we have reduced the rate of false positive peaks to approximately 4% and consequently the number of peaks, including overlapping peaks, has been markedly decreased. As a result(More)
Distress-mediated tissue oxidative stress was examined as a model of sub-healthy condition defined in traditional Chinese medicine theory. Mice were subjected to psychologically stressful conditions by whiskers removal. Under this condition, spontaneous locomotive activity was significantly enhanced in the dark (P < 0.05 versus the control mice in three(More)
BACKGROUND The ankle-brachial pressure index (ABI), the ratio of the systolic blood pressure of the ankle to the systolic brachial pressure, is commonly measured at rest, but ABI values post-exercise enhance the sensitivity of the test and can be used to identify atherosclerotic vascular damage. However, it has not been established whether or not enhanced(More)