Shinji Niwa

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Conservation of the environment has become critical to the automotive industry. Recently, requirements for on-board diagnostic and engine control systems have been strictly enforced. In the present paper, in order to meet the requirements for a low-emissions vehicle, a novel construction method of the air-fuel ratio (A/F) control system is proposed. The(More)
A new signal processing method for detecting electromagnetic radiation due to the earthquake activities are presented. The radiation is usually contaminated by background noises. In this paper, a simple method which deals with difference data between the latest data and averaged data. over past several years are proposed. The good performance was obtained(More)
The current scanning parameters for computed tomography (CT) such as multi-detector row CT are becoming more complicated, and there are many cases in which the selected parameters directly affect image quality. Therefore, to evaluate the effectiveness and validity of the selected parameter, quantitative image quality evaluations are indispensable. Among the(More)
The colour of meat and rice flour pastes containing known amounts of myoglobin and the colour of intact beef and pork samples were analyzed with tissue spectrophotometer TS-200. The differences in the spectra of myoglobin among three types of derivatives were successfully distinguished with this instrument. In addition, there is a close relationship between(More)
A noninvasive instrument to monitor serum Indocyanine Green (ICG) dye removal by the liver, which uses a new analytical method and an optical sensor, has been developed. The principal elements of the optical sensor are two light-emitting diodes at 810- and 940-nm wavelengths and a photodiode to detect light transmittance through the fingertip. A new(More)
As a direct method for the evaluation of tissue bonding to two polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) based composites, a mechanical push-out test was performed on implants in the femur of mature Japanese White rabbits. Three composites were tested. The first, a hydroxyapatite/PHB (HA/PHB) composite showed an increase in interfacial shear strength (ISS) up to 8 wk,(More)
Analysis of the detailed physical property in CT system is important in an understanding of a clinical image. In this study, we evaluated resolution power property about the positions and direction for in-plane in CT system. The indexes of the resolving power property of CT images were measured by MTFs using the thin metal wire (diameter of 0.2 mm). We(More)
The performance of individual computed tomography automatic exposure control (CT-AEC) is very important for radiation dose reduction and image quality equalization in CT examinations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of CT-AEC in conventional pitch mode (Normal spiral) and fast dual spiral scan (Flash spiral) in a 128-slice(More)