Shinji Nakanishi

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We search for the decay B ? ! ? in a sample of over 2 million charged B decays using the CLEO detector. We use the channel in which the tau decays leptonically, and combine this lepton with the missing energy and momentum in the event to form a B candidate. A t to the mass and energy distribution of these B candidates yields ?14 46 signal events. This value(More)
We have used the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring to study the inclusive production of charmonium mesons in a sample of 2.15 million BB events. We nd inclusive branching fractions of ( for B!J==X, (0.340.040.03)% for B! 0 X, and (0.400.060.04)% for B! c1 X. We also nd some evidence for the inclusive production of c2. An(More)
A machine cycle CPU simulator is developed on the Squeak environment for educational use. The developed simulator is able to show hardware behavior in CPU at each system clock. Any component of the simulator is implemented as an Morphic object in Squeak. The developed simulator is examined by execution of example programs and correct behaviors of their(More)
A Ka-band high power amplifier MMIC developed from 0.18μm gate-length AlGaN/GaN HEMT on SiC is presented. The MMIC chip was measured on-wafer across 29GHz to 31GHz under pulsed bias condition. At VDD=28V, the MMIC achieved an output power of 19W to 21W. To the authors' best knowledge, this is the highest output power ever reported for GaN high power(More)
We have searched for several two-body charmless hadronic decays of B mesons. These nal states include K and with both charged and neutral kaons and pions data used in this analysis consist of 2:0 fb ?1 taken on the (4S) with the CLEO-II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR). This data set includes 2.2 million BB pairs, allowing us to place(More)
A Constraint on jV td =V ts j from B ! (!)=B ! K. Abstract We have searched for the decays, B ! and B ! !, which in conjunction with the measurement of B ! K , can provide a direct determination of the ratio between the CKM matrix elements, V td and V ts. No signals were observed and we set the following upper limits Using diierent theoretical models, we(More)
Polycrystalline samples of Ln(18)Li(8)Rh(5-x)Fe(x)O(39) (Ln = La, Nd; 0.5 < or = x < or = 5) have been synthesized by a solid-state method and studied by a combination of dc and ac magnetometry, neutron diffraction, and Mossbauer spectroscopy. All compositions adopt a cubic structure (space group Pm3n, a(0) approximately 12 A) based on intersecting 111(More)