Shinji Miyazato

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A disease characterized by nervous signs was found in 10 calves in two districts in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, from October to November, 1984. Histopathological changes of nonpurulent encephalitis were found in every case. An agent, named Iriki isolate, was isolated from the cerebellum of a calf in HmLu-1 cell cultures. All of the affected calves(More)
The cellular morphology, colonial morphology, biochemical properties, DNA base compositions, and DNA-DNA homolgies of three biovars of Fusobacterium necrophorum were examined. Some differences were found among the three biovars in cellular morphology, colonial morphology, and biochemical properties. The guanine-plus-cytosine contents of DNAs from biovar C(More)
We extracted the megamolecular polysaccharide sacran, which contains carboxylate and sulfate groups, from the jellylike extracellular matrix (ECM) of the cyanobacterium Aphanothece sacrum, which has mineral adsorption bioactivity. We investigated the gelation properties of sacran binding with various heavy metal ions. The sacran chain adsorbed heavier metal(More)
Fusobacterium necrophorum biovar A and biovar B were examined for haemagglutinability and ability to adhere to cells. Six biovar A strains agglutinated tannic-acid-treated chicken erythrocytes (1/32-1/64), as well as untreated chicken erythrocytes (1/16-1/64). They adhered well to MDBK and FL cells. Haemagglutination by them was not inhibited with(More)
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