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We conducted genome-wide mapping of cytosine methylation using methylcytosine immunoprecipitation combined with Illumina sequencing. The chromosomal distribution pattern of methylated DNA is similar to the heterochromatin distribution pattern on rice chromosomes. The DNA methylation patterns of rice genes are similar to those in Arabidopsis thaliana,(More)
Gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) of Rosaceae, Solanaceae and Plantaginaceae is controlled by a complex S locus that encodes separate proteins for pistil and pollen specificities, extracellular ribonucleases (S-RNases) and F-box proteins SFB/SLF, respectively. SFB/SLFs of Prunus (subfamily Prunoideae of Rosaceae), Solanaceae and Plantaginaceae are(More)
The presence of the centromere-specific histone H3 variant, CENH3, defines centromeric (CEN) chromatin, but poorly understood epigenetic mechanisms determine its establishment and maintenance. CEN chromatin is embedded within pericentromeric heterochromatin in most higher eukaryotes, but, interestingly, it can show euchromatic characteristics; for example,(More)
In the nuclei of some interspecific hybrid and allopolyploid plant species, each genome occupies a separate spatial domain. To analyze this phenomenon, we studied localization of the centromeres in the nuclei of a hybrid between Torenia fournieri and T. baillonii during mitosis and meiosis using three-dimensional fluorescence in situ hybridization (3D-FISH)(More)
Server virtualization technologies and their live migration function contribute to the utilization of the computing resources in cloud datacenters. However, many management operations for virtual machines (VMs) including live migrations can be evoked by many cloud users at anytime. The outburst of executions of live migration operations can deteriorate(More)
We present a tool-supported framework for the efficient reverification of component-based software systems after changes such as additions, removals or modifications of components. The incremental verification engine at the core of our INcremental VErification STrategy (INVEST) framework uses high-level algebraic representations of component-based systems(More)
Policy-based management is drawing attention as a solution to managing today's complex information systems. To be dependable, a policy-based system must be able to check the validity of a policy written by administrators. However, common test methods such as operations tests in a test scenario and simulations cannot check whether systems with given policies(More)
Once failures occur in a cloud datacenter accommodating a large number of virtual resources, they tend to spread rapidly and widely, impacting on many cloud users (tenant owners). One of the best ways to prevent a failure from spreading in the system is identifying signs of the failure before its occurrence and deal with it proactively before it causes(More)
This chapter explores ways in which rigorous mathematical techniques termed formal methods can be employed to improve the predictability and dependability of autonomic computing. Model checking, formal specification and quantitative verification are presented in the contexts of conflict detection in autonomic computing policies, and of implementation of(More)