Shinji Hirohashi

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Visual defect due to optic radiation injury is a complication of temporal lobectomy for temporal epilepsy. To investigate whether diffusion tensor imaging can delineate the changes in optic radiations after lobectomy, we evaluated parameters on tensor images for optic radiations and correlated them with visual defect. METHODS We(More)
PURPOSE To preoperatively visualize the course of the facial nerve, which is displaced by vestibular schwannoma, using diffusion tensor (DT) tractography, and to evaluate the agreement with surgical findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS The subjects were eight patients with vestibular schwannoma who had undergone removal surgery. DT MR images were obtained and(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate collateral circulation by describing anterior cerebral artery and middle cerebral artery perfusion areas. Pairs of image sets spin labeled on the medial and lateral side were used. A pixel-by-pixel t test was performed, with blue gradation used to display lateral perfusion (ie, middle cerebral artery) and orange(More)
We evaluated the fitting scan technique for CE-3dMRDSA, and found common ground that determines spatial resolution and time resolution (slab thickness and partition number). We also examined the relation between appearance and time resolution (volume of contrast medium and injection speed). To obtain good image contrast, the volume of contrast medium needs(More)
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