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In the isolated frog muscle, the proteinaceous venom extracted from jellyfish (genus Aurelia) produced 1) a complete and irreversible block of indirectly and directly elicited muscle twitch and 2) an irreversible depolarization of the muscle membrane. This venom-induced depolarization was effectively reversed or prevented by the substitution of choline for(More)
In the oral region, granular cell tumors often occur in the tongue, but rarely in the buccal mucosa. A case of granular cell tumor in the right buccal mucosa of a 74 year-old female is described. An elastic-hard solid mass about 1 cm in diameter was palpated under the right buccal mucosa. It was well-defined from the proximal tissues and adhered to part of(More)
Epidermoid cyst of the ovary is a very rare tumor. There have been only 21 case reports of it previously. We describe the computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) findings of 2 cases of ovarian epidermoid cyst. To our knowledge, this is the first report describing CT and MR findings of epidermoid cysts of the ovary, and ruptured epidermoid cyst(More)