Shinji Akioka

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Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) stimulates proliferation, survival, and differentiation in many cell types, including pediatric neuroblastomas. The effect is mediated via the type I IGF-I receptor (IGF-IR), which is essential for growth in these cells. Several lines of evidence indicate that IGF-IR function may be particularly important in the(More)
We report on an 11-year-old girl who developed steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (NS) at the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and clinical and renal histological findings suggested that her NS would be associated with SLE-related podocytopathy. Although initial treatment with intravenous pulse methylprednisolone was ineffective, following(More)
We report A case of Sjögren's syndrome complicated with MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma) in childhood. Additionally, Helicobacter pylori infection into the gastric mucosa was highly suspected in this case. A 13-year-old girl suffering from multiple joint pain had received treatment as Juvenile Rheumatic Arthritis with no clinical(More)
We read with great interest the article by Heijstek et al regarding the safety of the bivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis ( JIA). Their prospective controlled observational cohort study of 68 patients revealed no differences in adverse events between female JIA patients and healthy girls. The authors(More)
We have utilized high-dose factor VIII (FVIII) concentrates in 4 hemophilia A patients with inhibitors prior to surgery for the insertion of a central venous access device. In total, 3 patients out of 4 had high responding inhibitors. Dosing algorithms for this type of therapy have not been previously validated and established. We devised an effective(More)
AbstractWe report the first Japanese case of Salla disease. A 5-year-old male patient developed unique proteinuria with other clinical manifestations, including coarse facies, dysostosis multiplex, mild mitral valve regurgitation, umbilical and inguinal herniation, and mild developmental delay. Pathological analysis of biopsied kidney tissues showed marked(More)
  • Shinji Akioka
  • Nihon Rinsho Men'eki Gakkai kaishi = Japanese…
  • 2016
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, JIA, is a novel rheumatic disease in childhood introduced by the International League of Associations for Rheumatology. It is defined as a chronic, inflammatory disorder of unknown etiology, which is classified into seven categories; systemic-onset type, persistent and extended oligoarthritis, polyarthritis with rheumatoid(More)
P381 Transient periosteal hyperostosis with dysproteinemia (Goldbloom syndrome): two cases report Riccardo Papa, Alessandro Consolaro, Francesca Minoia, Roberta Caorsi, Gianmichele Magnano, Marco Gattorno, Angelo Ravelli, Paolo Picco Pediatria II, Reumatologia, Istituto Giannina Gaslini, Genoa, Italy; Radiologia, Istituto Giannina Gaslini, Genoa, Italy(More)